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Edited to add: I am happy to chat and discuss and offer sisterly support, but please do not email or comment asking for medical advice including supplements for you, what I did exactly, how I did it, what you should use, what you should do, etc. I am unable and unequipped to offer medical advice. My results were in and I had CIN 2 cells on my cervix. The doctor told me I immediately had to have a LEEP procedure, using electrosurgical excision and a low-voltage electrified wire loop to cut out the abnormal tissue. I asked if this got rid of the cells for good and the doctor said that they could return.Our site hundreds of hot cam girls who belong to different regions and ethnicity.This is where our amateur cam girls will let you direct the hot webcam sex action. They assumed I had it because I had abnormal cells on my cervix, but they never once tested.My previous colposcopy wasn’t painful, just very uncomfortable. She told me that because it was previously CIN 2, we should still do it because it would most likely progress to cancer.

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