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Though Bette didn’t do too badly herself, winning two Academy Awards in the course of her career.

But it was in 1962 that their rivalry reached a crescendo, when the pair were signed up to appear on screen together for the first time. A chilling story about two former film stars living a lonely existence in their Hollywood mansion, the film saw pasty faced Bette tormenting the bedridden Joan like a hepped up Barbara Cartland.

Joan was married to the CEO of Pepsi Cola at that time so Bette made sure she had a Coca Cola machine installed in her dressing room.

For a scene in which Bette had to drag Joan across the floor, Joan filled her pockets with rocks.

Now their professional rivalry was to be cranked up a notch or ten, with both ladies competing for some of the same parts.

Crawford won an Academy Award for (1945) a part Davis turned down, no doubt adding to her bitterness.

Joan Crawford, at that time, was MGM’s reigning sex symbol.

This is another thing that sets our totally free personals sites apart from the rest.And in those fight scenes, no stunt doubles were necessary.Despite this, the two actresses were described as consummate professionals, always remembering their lines and turning up to the set on time.She called all the other actresses nominees offering to accept their awards on the night if they won. ” and Crawford coolly stepped forward to rapturous applause. The tragedy did nothing to diminish Davis’ acid tongue; “You should never say bad things about the dead, only good…Joan Crawford is dead..Strangely they agreed and so, when Oscar night rolled around, Davis and Crawford found themselves waiting side by side in the wings, with Bette “certain” that the prize was hers. Good.” Hard to believe their mutual loathing could endure for so long, whether it was love rivalry, or mutual insecurity in such a precarious profession, one thing’s for sure, it provided us with some of the campest mud slinging of all time.

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