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The strength of the wind demolished crops and noticeably affected the industrial infrastructure of the city.It sank a large amount of fluvial vessels and a great many among those anchored at the harbor.Apart from that, polemic winter months in Cuba present heavy rains.On the contrary, experts of the National Center for the Climate, the Meteorology Institute, think that the presence of this phenomenon, La Niña (The Girl) at the Pacific Ocean is the cause of the notable reduction of rains between December and February.In response to the climate fund conditions in a great scale, established by the La Niña Event, months of period of little rain from 1998 - 1999 were characterized by great contrasts.Temperatures from January to April constituted the warmest since 1951 and there was a moment in which it ascended to 38.8 grades Celsius, but after a normal February, March behaved as one of the coldest ones since 1981.From October 4 to 7, 1963, the Flora hurricane, with winds of up to 209 KMS/H flooded mountain chain of Sierra Maestra and its water hits searching a way out to the sea, caused the Cauto river a changing of its bed.

Category SS-3 Date October 13th to 17th 1910 Affected provinces Pinar del Río / La Habana / Island of Youth Barometric minimum 960 h Pa Wind speed 183 km/h (e) Main feature Flooding Material damages not exactly quantified Human loss 700 death (e) Flooding, extraordinarily extensive, was consequence of rainfall persisting over 6 days in a row, due to the trail of the hurricane that, after crossing over the west end of Cuba, made a loop to the NW of the province of Pinar del Río.

These atmospheric phenomena are not exclusive to Cuba, but to the whole tropical zone, since the North Atlantic region, including the Mexican Gulf and the Caribbean Sea, are classified as the fourth place in the world with respect to the formations of cyclones.

When one of them reaches sustained winds of 62 KMS/H, you are witnessing a depression of 63 to 1117 is a tropical storm if it goes over 118, it is a hurricane, although it is not an isolated point, but an extensive zone of hurricane winds up to 200 KMS around the center.

The greatest part of cyclones in the period October-November are created at the western Caribbean Sea, at the southern part of Cuba and tend to move in courses next to the North and Northeast, so they are always a threat for the central and western provinces.

But the truth is, they are not the only ones causing problems, since the Niño stream (The Boy Stream ) creates unusual climate disorders, according to the time depending in greater or less heating of water at the sea surface, since they are warmer , they release greater quantity of energy.

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