15 year old daughter dating 18 year old

Its not that I don't trust you - I told her - I don't trust boys period.

I know how they are and what they will say, my husband agreed - he gave examples pf what he used to say to "get in the panties".

When he comes over they would watch TV in the living room and go on the computer in the living room.

I allow them to hangout in her room with the door open.

She may grow up to think that its ok and she needed to set an example for her younger sister.

She and I agreed and she is not upset or hurt, she said that she understood where I was coming from.

I know what teens do when they are alone and that they can get away with a lot of things if you let them.

He is 16 going to be 17 in a month and my daughter is going to be 16 in two months. I am uncomfortable with the dating thing and and she knows, but I don't want her to go behind my back so we agreed.We also had the talk and if she feel that she wants to be sexual active with him - than we will go to the Dr.Remember that everytime you imagine she will sneak behind your back or be disobedient.Enabling bad behavior in the long run is worse, and she will come back to you one day with a blaming finger when she gets an unspoken okay from you to do things that she may not be ready for, because you wanted to avoid confrontation, or feared she'd keep things from you.

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But he has no job, no car, no idea what he wants to be for college and she deserves better.

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