16 girl dating 19 boy

You say she acts more mature than you sometimes, but the fact of the matter is she should act mature all the time. She isn't putting much effort into the relationship to begin with, on top of the other factors.

But I assure you, not every guy my age is lusting after sex.

She just isn't opening up to me, maybe because she's scared of me (she mentioned because I'm a lot older it's extra hard for her) but that also hurts my side, since you don't want to hear from your partner she's scared of being with you at times.

She also occasionly avoids me or doesn't do much effort to be with me.

In the end, they accepted it since they like her, though.

I've been through two serieus relationships (one two years, other one and a half years) and I'm her first boyfriend, even one of the first guys she ever talked to.

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