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'For the first time, businesses could do business nationally.

The government could communicate nationally in almost real time.'Morse obtained a patent for his telegraph in 1840, and four years later he sent his famous first message — 'What hath God wrought?

Surprise your spouse with a gorgeous gift that helps express your gratitude for the love and support you have shared over the last twenty years.As the United States rebuilt itself following the devastating Civil War, it did so in no small part with money wired from Washington.In 1869, when the final piece of track connecting the transcontinental railroad was laid in Promontory, Utah, a young news organization called The Associated Press sent a story about it out on the wire.'I really see the telegraph as the original technology, the grandfather of all these other technologies that came out of it: the telephone, the teletype, the fax, the Internet,' said telegraph historian Thomas Jepsen, author of 'My Sisters Telegraphic: Women In Telegraph Office 1846-1950.''The transcontinental telegraph put the Pony Express out of business in the literal click of a telegrapher's key.We bet they’ll never have come across Football Newspaper Books quite like ours.With newspapers dating back to 1900, you can access history at your fingertips, in a completely unique way.

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