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He was a vocal supporter of the unsuccessful Britain Stronger in Europe campaign to retain UK membership of the European Union.

A teacher recommended that he read law instead, as he had an argumentative personality. He read Law at the University of North London (now London Metropolitan University).

While Fridays are always the best day of the week, June 1 promises to be even more special.

That’s because it also happens to be National Donut Day, which means it is your civic duty to consume one, or even a dozen, of the delicious fried treats!

Some hear it as a deep male voice saying “Yanny,” while others maintain it’s a higher-pitched sound saying “Laurel.” Posted on Reddit by 18-year-old student Roland Camry, the meme became an overnight sensation On Wednesday, May 16, thousands of North Carolina educators took to the streets to protest against low teacher salaries and deteriorating school conditions.

Their one-day strike is part of a growing national movement that has swept across the country since West Virginia teachers began the initiative in February.

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