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Although he appears to have been referring to non-deadly gasses, he was also in favour of using mustard gas, which caused horrific burning and could be fatal, against Ottoman troops in the First World War.

His views on race, meanwhile, were shocking even to his contemporaries.

In 1943, a deadly famine would kill between two and three million Indians, mainly in Bengal.

Journalist and writer Madhusree Mukerjee has laid the blame directly at the door of imperialist policy, which forced India to continue large-scale exports of its precious rice harvest to feed the European war effort.

It’s impossible not to conclude the man remembered as one of the greatest defenders of democracy in fact saw it as a privilege to be granted only to white races.

During Indian resistance to British rule, Churchill declared that he “hated” Indians, “a beastly people with a beastly religion”.

The man who took part in 'jolly little wars against barbarous people' and claimed to have shot three 'savages' also defended the use of concentration camps in South Africa and the use of poison gas against 'uncivilised tribes' was met with not-quite-universal enthusiasm: some took to social media to recall that then-wife Donya Fiorentino had filed assault allegations against the actor in 2001. Although her sentiment was undoubtedly anti-Trump in intention, Fuller’s President shares more unpleasant views with Churchill than she may know.

I look at them as guys that are misunderstood, guys that didn’t get that love from a certain person. He always wanted to be an actor and doesn’t know where the rumors about baseball came from even though they are part of his bio on many sites.Two men were killed on the spot: local rugby star Jac John and Leonard Worstell, home on leave from a TB sanatorium.Worstell had simply walked into his back garden to see what was happening.Two hundred police were surrounding a gang of Latvian anarchists who had killed three policemen in an earlier attempted robbery, when Churchill rocked up; footage shows an incongruous figure in a top hat, staring straight at the camera with an eerily Trump-like “serious face”.A long gun battle ended with the deaths of two of the gang.

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In January 1919, as newly appointed Secretary of State for Air, Churchill deployed the infamous “Black and Tans”, temporary constables with a reputation for extreme violence, in the Irish War of Independence, refusing repeated requests to stand them down.

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