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It’s a veritable piece of art.) About as often as you’ll use the metric system.

Units of constellational measurement, a decan refers to one of the various star patterns that would pop up in the night sky on a recurring basis.However, it wasn’t until the midst of World War II, that the United States Armed Forces—whose generals had to coordinate fronts in multiple theaters around the globe, and needed specificity to do so effectively—formally adopted the practice, on July 1, 1942, seven months after entering the fight. By using zero, a number, instead of “oh,” which could come across as a pause in speech or an exclamation of surprise, there’s absolutely no uncertainty on what the speaker is saying. What the line gets certifiably right, however, is the use of “hundred.” In military time, it’s always “hundred,” never “thousand,” and never Back in 1884, during the International Meridian Conference—an assembly of geopolitical powers-that-be with the aim of determining a longitudinal baseline in an ever more global world—26 nations settled on Greenwich, London, as the baseline, thus creating Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Meteorologists use it to accurately keep tabs on storms (though when they present it to you on TV, they’ll kindly convert to a unit you’re used to, as in, “The wind advisory will remain in effect until a.m.).The core concept of converting to military time is far from complex; in fact, it boils down to only two simple steps. “Zulu,” a term you may have heard in tandem with military time readings, refers to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), or “zero hours.” (For all intents and purposes, especially for civilians, the difference between UTC and GMT is nil.) On international missions, where soldiers may be traversing through multiple time zones, it’s essential to have a chronological standard. So if you hear someone say “twenty-two hundred zulu,” that mean it’s p.m. Simple: In NATO’s phonetic alphabet, Z equals Zulu. (It’s .) Folks of many non-military walks of life use the 24-hour clock. Transit workers use it to plot timetables and schedule trains (they also kindly convert it).So don’t limit your opportunities because of fear; that would be a real waste.Just follow Dr Pepper and ask yourself, ‘what’s the worst that can happen? Ask this question, every time you feel the fear and then take action regardless.

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