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Linkara: [To Viga] Ok, um, how about I do the review…on my own.[She sings to the tune of “We are Not Alone” by Karla De Vito, while Viga holds out her toys] Viga: We are not alone!Linkara [v/o]: Dumb question; But I know that unicorns and alicorns can use their magic horns to telekinetically move objects in this world, but regular ponies don’t have that.So, how exactly is a normal pony supposed to flip the pages of a book like this?[Linkara does not look happy about this.] I mean, come in, it’s like movie. [She sings to the tune of “Don’t you (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds, as she gets up] Don’t you forget about this [Holds MLP toy to camera] No, no, no, no. Linkara puts Soundwave and Rainbow Dash aside as he slides to the center of the Futon and searches the ground for the comic, while keeping eye contact with us.] Linkara: Her “Idols of Anime” series really is quite good and you should check it out.We have to see it multiple times to really immerse ourselves in the pony experience. Anyway, [Holds both comics] Let’s dig into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #11 and 12!This prompts Fluttershy to note that they don’t know how the two met. Linkara [v/o]: However, Shining Armor and Cadance say there’s more to the story than that; that they went to School together.

I’ll need to eat 42 of them to equal one piece of normal cake!There was also a plot about shape-shifting ponies trying to take over the land by impersonating Cadance…as you do.Anyway, the ponies thank them for inviting them out on the town with them, although Pinkie Pie is upset by the teahouse.[Cut to the cover for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #11] Linkara [v/o]: The cover is good, featuring a high school yearbook full of characters of presumed relevance to the 2-parter.To aid with the aesthetic, it’s also sitting on top of some papers, a ticket to a dance and even a cassette tape for “Springsteed,” title track: “Born in Equestria.” Linkara: So, it’s a song about the hardships veteran ponies face in Equestria when returning home from Vietnam?!

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