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In late antiquity, regnal years were also in use, the Diocletian era in Roman Egypt after AD 293, and in the Byzantine Empire after AD 537, following a decree by Justinian.The traditional date for the founding of Rome, 21 April 753 BC, is due to Marcus Terentius Varro (1st century BC).Conveniently located on Highway 2, this bedroom community of over 1,200 people is located 25 minutes south of Red Deer and 50 minutes north of Calgary.With affordable housing and amenities of a much larger centre, the Town has benefitted from Alberta's strong economy.

The Anno Domini (AD) year numbering was developed by a monk named Dionysius Exiguus in Rome in 525, as a result of his work on calculating the date of Easter.From Emperor Claudius (ruled 41–54) onwards, Varro's calculation superseded other contemporary calculations.Celebrating the anniversary of the city became part of imperial propaganda.Varro may have used the consular list with its mistakes and called the year of the first consuls "245 ab urbe condita", accepting the 244-year interval from Dionysius of Halicarnassus for the kings after the foundation of Rome.The correctness of Varro's calculation has not been confirmed, but it is still used worldwide.

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