Accommodating employees with asperger syndrome Live cam fucking no log in

Employees with AS may go out of their way to arrive and stay at work even in circumstances which are adverse, such as bad weather or personal injury.Managers also noted that some working patterns can cause the employee significant anxiety.This was across different roles, different skills levels of employees and different organisations.Employees were reported to perform repetitive tasks, which other members of the team are often reluctant to take on, with accuracy and rigor.While criticism is unlikely to be universally welcomed, there are benefits to having a team member who is willing to criticise or point out problems with a particular decision or process, especially when others are afraid or embarrassed to raise a complaint.

While employees with Asperger’s are often willing and happy to carry out these repetitive or menial tasks, managers should be aware that giving an employee a disproportionate amount of routine work is not necessarily the ‘right’ thing to do and won’t help them to realise their full potential in relation to their high IQ.

Screened earlier this year, The 'A' Word was a critically acclaimed TV drama following the lives of a family with an autistic child, Joe.

Joe's autism was depicted as a condition which gives him strengths as well as difficulties.

Your support at work can help employees manage the disease more effectively. Provide afflicted employees with a regular schedule.

Routine is important and helps alleviate anxiety about new situations. Explain in detail what constitutes inappropriate and appropriate on-the-job behavior. For example, it is okay to tell your supervisor when a coworker makes a mistake, but it’s not okay to tell your coworkers.

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