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Many of my clients have been able to retain their assets and eliminate their unsecured debt, including credit card bills, mortgage deficiencies, personal loans, car repossessions, business debts, lawsuits, judgments, hospitals bills, and payday loans by filing personal bankruptcy.Although bankruptcy may be the best solution in many situations, there are other options for dealing with debt, such as debt negotiation, offers in compromise, and mortgage foreclosure defense.The worst type of negotiation, on the other hand, is the "Backdown Range Offer," they found.This is where you start with the point offer and then go down to a more accommodating number, like asking for "12% to 15% raise" when you really want 15%.

But new research from Columbia Business School challenges that conventional wisdom.Africrest understand this ethos and have been very accommodating in ensuring that the smallest details are attended to.""SYNAQ has grown exponentially and we required new offices for our expansion plans.The Africrest team assisted with the sourcing, negotiation and integration into our new home.Professors Daniel Ames and Malia Mason conducted a series of studies to gauge how people reacted to negotiators making a variety of offers, from bargaining with an event caterer to negotiating a salary.They found that range offers sometimes get better results than point offers (those that focus on a single number), and that they also allow the offer-maker to be seen as more "reasonable." "For years, we taught students to avoid making range offers in negotiations, assuming that counterparts receiving those offers would have selective attention, hearing only the end of the range that was attractive to them," said Ames, co-author of the research, in a press release.

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Over the past 30 years, I have helped more than 15,000 people in Austin, Cedar Park, San Marcos, Georgetown, Round Rock, and other Texas communities obtain debt relief. Filing bankruptcy may allow you to put an immediate stop to lawsuits, foreclosures, and repossessions.

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