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"An exempt employee just informed me that she cannot work after sundown during Ramadan because she has to cook for her family and attend services nightly at her mosque.

We are very busy during this month, and all of the employees holding her position in this department work until or every night during this time.

Likewise, courts often require that the employee make some attempt to cooperate with an employer´s attempt at accommodation so that an accommodation is not impossible to reach, and are generally reluctant to require an employer to have to provide an "on the spot" accommodation to an employee´s request.

The EEOC lists as possible reasonable accommodations things such as, "flexible scheduling (including flexible arrival and departure times, floating holidays, exchange of lunch time for early departure, staggered work hours, and allowing an employee to make up lost time), voluntary substitutions or swaps, job reassignments, and lateral transfers" The EEOC cautions employers against the following actions unless it can show that not doing so would create undue hardship: (1) scheduling examination or selection activities in conflict with a current or prospective employee´s religious needs; (2) inquiring about an applicant´s future availability at certain holiday times; (3) maintaining a restrictive dress code; (4) refusing to allow observance of a Sabbath or religious holiday; or (5) requiring employees to attend "new age" training programs that an employee says are inconsistent with his or her religious beliefs.

" employer´s duty to accommodate, as interpreted by various courts around the country.

Some Circuit courts have required that an employee show that he or she suffered an adverse employment action (i.e. She refused to do so, and was transferred to another non-customer service position. However, if the position requires a high degree of public contact, a lateral transfer (i.e.

It is really going to put us in a bind if she leaves at p.m.

everyday." "One of my male employees stopped shaving several months ago and is now sporting a very unkempt long beard. Our dress code requires a ´neat and clean appearance.´ When I discussed the subject with him, he told me that his new faith forbids him from shaving.

Fed Ex and the EEOC entered into a consent decree in which the company agreed to pay ,000 in back pay and compensatory damages to the employee, and clarify its personal appearance policy to allow for facial hair and particular hairstyles required by certain religions.

Keep in mind that by exempting from the dress code an employee who seeks an accommodation on religious grounds, you are not obligated to waive that requirement for other employees who wish to be excused from said requirement for other, non-religious reasons.

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However, the EEOC also says that it is not a defense for an employer to assume that other employees may want the accommodation in arguing that the accommodation is too costly. Here the Court held that the employer was not required to comply with a banquet waiter´s on the spot demand to let him work when he showed up for his shift with beard growth, and when asked about it said "its part of my religion." Notably, the employee had worked for the hotel for 14 years and had always been clean-shaven prior to this point.

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