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Applicants must also provide a detailed research and evaluation plan that will measure outcomes and impacts related to preventing and addressing teen/youth dating violence, and contribute to the evidence base about effective interventions and approaches.Youth engagement involves working with teens/youth to embed their voice into either the development of the proposed program or initiative, the way the project is implemented, and/or the research component.These skills and behaviours can pave the way for healthy relationships throughout life.While many promising interventions exist in this area, more rigorous research is needed to understand which programs are effective to prevent violence.Dating violence, which often involves "common assaults" such as verbal threats, pushing, slapping, punching and any injury that requires first aid, is up across the country, a report from Statistics Canada says.

The investment will also support knowledge exchange so that effective programs can be identified and incorporated into ongoing practice.Young women "tend to minimize" the behaviour of boyfriends who cyberstalk them, text them obsessively, or demand they refrain from going out alone or with girlfriends. By the time they realize it, they're in their late 20s, and they think, 'Well, this is not right.' As you get older, you're less likely to put up with crap.You're questioning, and in that way, it escalates sometimes." Generational trends that see couples marrying later in life may also be contributing to the rise in dating violence, said Holly Johnson, a criminology professor at the University of Ottawa whose research interests include intimate partner violence.The gender of both perpetrators and victims has an impact on all forms of violence across the lifespan, including violence among teens/youth.Adolescence is a key time to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to develop healthy relationships that are free from violence and abuse.

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