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However, its two other crew members were rescued by the South Korean vessel that was transporting sand from the North, according to the Unification Ministry.

The South Korean ship subsequently sailed to North Korea's Jangjon Port for questioning, the ministry official said.

Dee As sea routes are getting denser and ship speeds higher, there is a good possibility that a ship may experience an important accident during her lifetime.

Higher speeds may cause larger operational loads, like slamming, or excessively severe loads, for example during a collision.

Denser sea routes increase the probability of an accident in particular a collision involving ships or ships and shore or offshore structures.

I didn't know which two ships it was, just that there were so many people on both ships, that the death toll was the largest of any two ships colliding - ever.~~~~ 2-26-08 - Last night I had three dream/visions which referred to ship danger.

SEOUL, South Korea: North Korea allowed a South Korean cargo vessel to return home Wednesday after investigating its crew members over a ship collision that left two North Koreans dead, an official said.

North Korea told South Korea in a telephone call that the cargo ship carrying seven people left a North Korean port around 3 p.m.

One complained he had injured his arm, and the other complained he had injured his leg.

The one who injured his leg said that he needed new grey pants, but I didn't have access to any to help him.

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