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The second and third floors of the academic building are a hotbed of weekday and weekend cruising action. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes it is a waste of time. One of the things that bothers me is the fact that if you ar... There will be fifteen cameras with twenty-two views of the park. With both, we made extended eye contact out in the store, quickl... You gotta cruise all the way to the bridge at the other end of Vaughn. From Martinsville or Indianapolis on Route 37, exit on either Bryants Creek Road or Old Route 37.During the school year between daytime classes is good for a quickie. Two cameras will have thermal imaging, allowing activity at night to be reco... Most cruising is at the gravel (unpaved) parking lot on the west side of the railroad bridge. Thanks to the fine haters at Southeast Christian Church, their auxiliary church is hellbent on saving/hating souls frequenting this location. Guys around here are skiddish and a little overly cautious but the action is there. Look for the brown DNR signs reading Morgan Monroe State Forest.

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Went to the T-room and got a close look at some fine cock. There are lots of areas to go in the woods for fun. The dam toilet, mostly the pit toilets and also at Fairfax/Fourwinds there are three... I walked by a shower door and a dark-haired guy in his thirties had his door open and was showing off his hard cock. I was there yesterday and did meet some dog ugly guy there who hit on me.

Walked to the back truck lot and took three Fed Ex driver loads. I have had a lot of success and can often find l... After the recent arrests cameras are being installed here. Both married (to women) and in the store with wives. I was there at lunchtime, I cruised and sat for probably forty-five minute...

I've had my ass up under the stall partition getting fucked bb by a well hung guy. I met a guy who took me to a crafts store restroom nearby, and we 69nd... Reported June 14, 2015 a man was complaining here that someone had taken his wallet and told one person he would kill him, then pulled out a gun. Last week I found a private spot off of the trail toward the dune...

for all day entry, or you can pay and get the t... The number one rule is to be patient, eventually you'll hook up with someone.

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I've seen solo guys hanging out there at the shelter or in...

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