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She is a nice BBW with a thick ass and great tits and if you can get a blow job you will never forget it. Wow, stopped in last week and scored big after a slow start.

He was sucking on me, then he sucked on the other ... At the bottom of the exit ramp, go west on Route 58. Go approximately one and a half miles until you see a parking area.Continue eastbound and turn right at the end of the ramp.After entering the park, take a right at the green Furnace sign. I am there every weekend and as long as you're not sitting and cruising in your car for hours and keep the action deep in the woods you won't have a problem with the Park Rangers. Is it illegal to be a frequent visitor to a public park?Anyone want to meet in Moorefield area let me know. This place is wide open with a huge parking lot and no facilities.The nearby woods are pretty barren, particularly in the winter.

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There are two trails that are prime cruising areas and activity can be pretty steady throughout the day un... Walk into the woods on the backside of the building. The younger gays in the Logan area are bad for this. I was there in December 2005 and had one of the best blowjobs of my life!

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