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Still, it was a fun Saturday afternoon read, I was just expecting more.

On Tuesday, 8 September, the National Book Week tour will visit North West, the Free State and the Western Cape, and on Wednesday it will move on to Limpopo, the Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

Lucas is a horror writer and he’s searching for inspiration for this next best seller.

The other guests at the house are a mixed bag with their own worries and emotional baggage. Julia lost her eight year old daughter, two years ago.

They want to get from the east coast to California and are in covered wagons, with horses, mules and oxen accompanying them. Most of the characters seem to have dark secrets they are trying to run away from but the reality is they’ve brought all that baggage with them.

There are families, lone men and some lone women with children. Due to the hardships, divisions rise up amongst the families, people shoot their neighbours, old feuds are re-ignited (mostly between the men) and the group splinters into factions. In fact, there are so many dark secrets, I began to lose count. Under poor leadership, they decide to take a little charted trail to cut down on time.

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