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She finally said it was very good and he knew how to perform well and she still has fantasies of him today.

Now we are searching for more big cock, especially BBC.

Last year we got together with a guy in our area for fun. Once at the hotel, my girlfriend and I had a few drinks and soon enough, the guy Shawn showed up.

My girlfriend Angela had no idea about it and only figured he was a close friend from some time ago lol!!!

—————————————– I fall asleep thinking of one of my boyfriends Jenner. I put my pussy over his face and we are intertwined in the 69 position…Oh how I love that!! Now my “very favorite” part; finally we are going to fuck. He makes me scream out in pleasure, over and over again!! One of my favorite postions is when I am laying on the floor with my legs in the air. In this position, I can watch his big cock going in and out. Read Payton’s Interview with Hotwife Blog Here Right.. It’s also Daisy’s birthday today so have some surprises for her tonight when we arrive hehe…. I’ll update again as soon as I find a suitable Internet connection.

One of the highlights of the trip will be attending Swingfest where I hope to be doing some promotion for the new hotwife dating site as well as getting up to a lot of mischief with Daisy hehe.I very much enjoy watching my wife being fondled by my shipmates. Submitted by: Mike, California Just got an email from the lovely Payton Leigh, she’s been fantasising about one of her new boyfriends, a guy called Jenner who she’s been fucking a lot recently. He is going to lick my wet, juicy, pussy while he slides his finger inside me.Last night my wife told me that she wants to have sex with one of my friends. She also sent me a pic of her sucking his cock below. Then he begins to rub my breasts and pussy, getting me ever so wet. As he is licking me, I begin to rub my titties, getting my nipples nice and hard. I love sucking on his long, thick cock, licking up and down his shaft like a lollypop! We then decide to pleasure each other at the same time. Thrusting and thrusting, I just can’t get enough of him!The next morning I went to say hi to Shawn (he was staying in another room) but he was already gone so when I got back to bed and told Angela he was gone the first thing out of her mouth was, “My god Tony he was huge, a girl can only do that a few times a year”.Even after a couple of days, I tried to fuck her but her pussy was still stretched out and we both laughed and stopped our session due to Shawn’s lasting legacy lol!!!

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