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The following provides guidance for our managers about accepting back product. Product may only be accepted back if it meets the below criteria. Product that is accepted back may only be returned to our wholesaler, our reverse wholesaler or must be destroyed in accordance with the Pharmacy Waste Handling Policy. (1) In this section: (a) ‘‘Health item” means drugs, devices, hypodermic syringes, needles or other objects for injecting a drug, medicines, or items of personal hygiene.(b) ‘‘Inpatient health care facility” means any hospital, nursing home, county home, county mental hospital, tuberculosis sanitarium or similar facility, but does not include community−based residential facilities, jails or prison facilities.

DHS 148 are allowed provided the pharmacy follows the requirements in ch.

(b) Where the health items were dispensed in error, were defective, adulterated, misbranded, or dispensed beyond their beyond use date.

(c) When in the professional judgment of the pharmacist substantial harm could result to the public or a patient if they were to remain in the possession of the patient, patient’s family or agent, or other person.

(e) A health item that is prepackaged for consumer use and labeled in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws where all of the following apply: 1.

The pharmacist determines that the original package is unopened, sealed and intact and that package labeling is unaltered. The pharmacist determines the contents are not adulterated.

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