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This kept them out of the way, but also provided some slight additional protection against wind and waves.The photos show the slendingur, a replica ship that sailed from Iceland to North America in the year 2000.Ships were an important part of Viking society, not only as a means of transportation, but also for the prestige that it conferred on her owner and skipper.Their ships permitted the Vikings to embark on their voyages of trading, of raiding, and of exploration.

These fast ships had the strength to survive ocean crossings while having a draft of as little as 50cm (20 inches), allowing navigation in very shallow water.

Shield racks, to which the shields were fastened, were not robust, and probably were incapable of holding the shields securely in rough seas.

Last, modern sailors of replica ships say they are very impractical.

Both coins (left) and pictures stones (right) from the Viking age depict shields arrayed along the gunwale of a Viking ship.

Additionally, the sagas say that shields were displayed. 84), Kri and his ten ships rowed hard to join a sea battle, with row after row of shields on display along the sides of the ships.

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Oarholes were sealed when not in use by covers that rotated in place to keep out water (left).

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