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In Western culture since the early middle ages, there have been two calendars widely used, the Julian and the Gregorian.The Julian calendar was in important aspects the one put into place by Julius Caesar.

Even in Roman times the better estimate of 365.2467 days was known to experts, and I have not seen any explanation of why the Julian scheme was accepted when it was known not to be as accurate as it might have been.It took a long time before the rest of Europe accepted the new scheme. Therefore, the algorithm has to deal with two separate cases, depending on whether the date is given according to the Julian or the Gregorian calendar. This is a good idea mathematically, since in this new calendar February, the only month with a variable number of days, is last.It wasn't until 1752 that England adopted the Gregorian calendar, which it called New Style as opposed to Old Style. Hence the number of days from the start of the year to a given date does not depend on the year, as it does in our own calendar.In the Gregorian calendar, the number of days in most years is 365, but very fourth year is a leap year with 366 - except that years which are multiples of 100 are exceptional!Another mildly annoying feature of the Gregorian calendar is that the number of days in a month varies rather erratically, so calculating the time elapsed between one day of the year and another is a bit painful.

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There seems even to have been current a common opinion that they were days removed permanently from one's life span.

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