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Bethel public radio station KYUK reported at the time that efforts to recover Lamont ended days later, due to deteriorating ice conditions along the Kuskokwim which made it too unsafe for troopers to search.

Date entered 07/27/2012Age last seen 35 to years old Age now 62 years old Race White Sex Male Height (inches) 68.0 to 72.0Weight (pounds) 155.0 to 160.0Hair color Brown Left eye color Blue Right eye color Blue Other distinctivephysical characteristics walks with a limp and has a scar on his forehead Medical DNAStatus: Sample submitted - Tests complete Fingerprint Information Status: Fingerprint information is available elsewhere Investigating Agency Title Investigator First name Charlie Last name Harris Phone 963-634-3331Website number 00-05338Date reported November 05, 2000Jurisdiction County Agency Angelina County Address 1 2311 E. City Lufkin State Texas Zip code 75901Comments Missing Person's Report is presumed to have been filed in Angelina County, Texas in 1987, files and information are not available. Dental records examined by the state medical examiner’s office confirmed that the remains found May 13 in the Kuskokwim, just north of the Tuntutuliak River, are those of 28-year-old Dillon Lamont.“Lamont went missing on [April 10, 2016] when he was reported to have fallen through the ice at a fishing camp in Tuluksak,” troopers wrote in a Wednesday dispatch.If you have a loved on who wanders, a Scent Preservation kit maybe be the difference between life and death by quickly supplying the Tacking K9 teams with a excellent scent sample.With this simple do-it -yourself kit you can store the scent of your loved one safely and easily. Follow these steps-​1) Purchase a clean Mason jar, some rubber gloves and several 4 x 4 gauze pads and a Marker Pen..2) Open the Mason Jar3) Put the rubber gloves on!4) Take the 4 x 4 clean gauze pads and rub them all over the arms, face and chest area of your loved one.5) Place the gauze pads in the jar and seal the lid.6) With your Marker put today's date on the Lid of the Jar.7) Place the sealed jar in your refrigerator and store.This scent sample will last about a year in this condition.

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