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Kate is obviously too sketchy for the loveliness that is The Skarsgard.Here’s Lainey’s take on all of that: Alexander Skarsgard returned to LA yesterday and attended the GQ Men of the Year at the Chateau Marmont. Unfortunately Alex was immediately hunted down by Kate Bosworth.When asked if there were any special women in his life, the hunky actor replied “my mom and my sister.” Skarsgard was one of the night’s special guests; he was honored as one of the “Men Who Saved HBO”. Although, I have to say, if you’re just going to hook up with some random piece, couldn’t you do better than Kate Bosworth?For the record, Kate also attended Wednesday night’s party but avoided the red carpet, sneaking quietly into the hotel instead. I mean, Alexander is a 6 foot 4 inch, blond, built, hot, incredible piece of man-candy. Theron, 36, is enjoying a secret romance with Alexander Skarsgard, 35.

After all, even though he still hasn’t taken legal action, Chris Martin is keeping his distance, fronting like it never happened. “I’m not dating anyone, those are just rumors,” he laughed. I actually think it makes things easier that way.” So there were absolutely no sparks flying between Skarsgard and Paquin during last season’s steamy love scenes? “Anna and I are completely platonic, and Stephen knows that.” [From Radar] So, is he nailing Kate Bosworth? I think he might be, but it’s not serious, so he’s not calling it “dating”.

“True Blood” hunk Skarsgard split with Kate Bosworth last year.

And she found a partner who wanted to play it with her for life.

Observors recently spotted the pair snuggling at the Gym Sportsbar, a gay nightspot in West Hollywood.“They ordered two beers and went to sit on the patio,” an eyewitness told The Enquirer.

“I realized it was Charlize and her date was Alexander Skarsgard.

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