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Considerably, the personal life of Rufus Sewell does not surprise us either.Caption: Rufus Sewell with his ex-wife Yasmin Abdallah attending 'A Life Less Ordinary' New York City Premiere at the Village East Cinemas in New York City on October 3, 1997.The English actor Rufus Sewell, who is best known for portraying villainous characters in movies like ‘A Knight's Tale’, ‘The Illusionist’ and ‘The Legend of Zorro’, has already been divorced twice.He is currently said to be dating a Japanese-American woman, but the actor hardly talks about his girlfriend and he has never even revealed her name.Rufus Sewell is currently believed to be single, but he was not before.Rufus married a beautiful Australian fashion journalist named Yasmin Abdallah in 1999, but the couple went through a divorce the following year.“Rufus hasn’t had good experiences in his two previous marriages, which is why he is not willing to get hitched to his present lover.

They get together with one, find out that they are not compatible after a period and then move on.

It was rumored that back in 1999, the actor was dating actress Helena Bonham Carter.

Though he dated quite a number of popular ladies in his past, none of his relationship worked out well.

In an interview with uk in 2013, he stated that he decided to stay in Los Angeles after meeting the hair stylist who hated the Hollywood. In the interview, he said: 'It is more about a relationship and hiding away between jobs than anything else.

It is more about a relationship and hiding away between jobs than anything else. It’s where I go to avoid Hollywood, weirdly enough.’ The interview took place in 2013 when the couple was living together in Los Angeles.

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