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We’re both recently 33 now, and for the past six months, it feels like all anyone ever wants to talk to me about is why we’re not yet engaged, when we’re getting engaged, my advancing age, my declining ovarian reserve, etc. It’s like we hit the two-year mark and I magically stopped being a person and turned into a naked left ring finger and some ovaries — all attached to a ticking time bomb. Finally, my question: What are your thoughts on asking your partner for an engagement timeline?

But if it was just the rest of the world, I could handle it. I’ve read your recommendation that couples not get married before three years — but I couldn’t tell if that meant waiting that long to get engaged, or just not walking down the aisle until the three-year mark.

My sister is dating the worst kind of man (if you can call him that) possible.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, he's pretty much brain dead, he's embarrassing to be around, has no education, and he's rude to her. And she found out the most recent time she left him and came back to SC.

Like I said they're on again off again (when she leaves him he has to live with his mother because he can't support himself since all his money goes towards pills...) But she just can't quite him. So of course she told him and he moved to SC so she could pay his rent...) The baby is a month old now, and her bf still behaves the same.

My sister had to do everything while she was pregnant.

They've been on again off again for the past five years.

He's cheated on her, does drugs, and he's 40-something and can't hold a job down.

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It is certainly NOT about your friends getting engaged faster nor is it about “engagement season,” which in guy-land isn’t even a thing.

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