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I believe the question is whether one chooses to live in the reality of the character or chooses to live the reality of his/her own life. I picked it up and walked around the house looking through the lens and pretending I was in a movie.

--------------------------------------------- Q: My question for you is: What is one of your favourite memories with the other cast members when behind the scenes from shooting Heartland? My family is there and it's where I spent most of my life. Right now I could really go for some fresh picked blackberries. Then I started taking pictures of things that made me feel something.

I am from a little town in the province of SASKATCHEWAN!! ) and since the Riders are gonna be in the Grey Cup final my question is : Who is your favourite CFL team??

: I personally think that the Riders are the best but still...

Posted by: Jessie on November 23, 2009 at PM A: Sugarfoot. My question to you is: If you weren't an actor, what would your career be at the moment? I try to bring as much of myself into Ty while keeping him genuine to his past and current circumstances. I'm just wondering, if you ever had the chance to write your own episode of Heartland, what do you think you'd have more of?

--------------------------------------------- Q: Hey Graham..wanted to start off by saying you rock in the role of Ty!

And each time the champagne would spill out all over her hand and onto the floor. I actually don't' know how that scene worked in the end because we were always laughing. I love seeing all of the characters on Heartland maturing, and learning from mistakes. I am currently working on a website for my photographs where you can view and order prints. Posted by: Lara on November 23, 2009 at PM A: There are choices Ty will make as a character that I don't agree with but I do understand his motives.

--------------------------------------------- Q: My question is if you could have any horse on Heartland which one would you choose? --------------------------------------------- Q: Hey Graham, I love Heartland, you, and all of the other actors. :) Posted by: Sindusha on November 23, 2009 at PM A: If I weren't acting in Heartland I would probably be working behind the camera in some way. Ty is younger than I am and I see much of how I use to be in him.

I think of myself as someone who acts as an expression of myself.

I love to create and be a part of new experiences that I can share with others.

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