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At the same time I was also looking at getting some work experience internationally, so I decided to move abroad to Berlin. Learning a new language to me always feels like dealing with a new person you meet. I mean, Berlin people must seem so cold and hard and super direct to people coming from the North American culture.I had a contract with a Canadian company that allowed me to do three months of work remotely. it was quite a big change and took a little bit of time to adapt. I had no experience living in a different place for a longer period of time, the architecture that impacted me, the layout of the city, the transit, and the language of course. I learned a little bit before, and when I got there I enrolled in lessons. You are trying to adapt, to get along with its character traits. They don’t hesitate to criticize everything all the time, I feel like this is a cultural trait that is not so much common here in Canada.It’s no help that TV bosses like ’s Miranda Priestly are forever etched in our brains.If the mere sight of your boss pulling into the company parking lot sends shivers down your spine, remember these important facts to help you deal.Are you still in contact with the people you met there? Through Skype and Facebook, I try to keep in touch with a handful of them. The German companies I worked with definitely taught me very good work ethics, the mentality they have behind work, that was a big one.Where do you think the time in Germany has influenced the life you live right now? I think just being two years in another country opens your mind up to new perspectives.Before you freak out, you should know that it’s completely normal to be intimidated by your boss, especially if this is one of your first jobs in the real world.Naturally, you want to make a good impression and every ounce of your daily energy probably goes into not messing up.

Scudder tells people to think of their boss as a regular person. Rather than view your boss as an authoritative force, try to look at them as a mentor—someone you can learn a lot from.

More than that, remember that you and your boss are also a team.

Scudder says, “If you do well, it makes her look good.

I remember going to volunteer at the Prinzessinnengärten, the urban garden in Kreuzberg, in my first month.

My friend from the restaurant was only using locally grown ingredients, I remember volunteering at the garden to learn about some of the herbs they have and their practices.

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