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(Paul Schutzer / The LIFE Premium Collection / Getty)It makes itself known in all these very vocal, confrontational ways.But perhaps the most tragic manifestation of racist sentiment in Mississippi is silent. My state starves its people and, in doing so, actively resists King’s legacy.Material poverty is persistent, both for my family and for all black Mississippians: It cleaves to generations, passes from grandmother to mother to child like a genetic trait—like a crooked nose, or detached ears, or freckles.

I recall eating four hot dogs once and still feeling as if my stomach were filled not with food but with air.The familiarity of that unquenchable desire floored me.As an adult, this is how I carry the poverty of my Mississippi youth forward with me: by remembering the emptiness inside me.During the summer, box fans hummed in all the windows. I had it better than my grandparents and my mother did when they were young, but I remember hunger.I think it was the hunger of childhood, the need for fuel to grow, but it was blinding sometimes.

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