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Michaels, dressed in white, symbolically "came down from the heavens" from a platform that lowered to the ground; The Undertaker rose from the stage in his customary all-black, and what followed was The Undertaker's longest Wrestle Mania match to date at over 30 minutes.

Despite a nearly disastrous dive over the top rope that caused him to crash and burn, The Undertaker eventually caught Michaels in mid-moonsault to hit a Tombstone for the victory.

In the closing moments of the match, Bret Hart inserted himself into the picture in this no-disqualification match by nailing Sycho Sid with a pair of chair shots to set up an Undertaker chokeslam.

When that wasn't enough, Hart came out a second time to cause enough of a disruption to allow The Undertaker to hit the Tombstone piledriver for the victory.

Watch Wrestle Mania XIV match | Watch Wrestle Mania XX match Of all the relationships that will come to define The Undertaker's career, his rivalry (and later friendship) with his brother Kane has to be at or near the top.

As it stands, The Undertaker's record at Wrestle Mania stands at 23-2.

At Wrestle Mania XX, Kane came back for seconds -- marking the first time in The Undertaker's career that he'd faced a repeat opponent at Wrestle Mania.

After losing a "buried alive" match against Vince Mc Mahon in November 2003, when Kane got involved, The Undertaker went off TV for a few months.

After a moment of comedic relief in which Kane Tombstoned Pete Rose (for the first time), the match got underway.

It took a chokeslam, a Tombstone, a leg drop, a second Tombstone, a top rope clothesline and finally a third Tombstone to put Kane away, and Kane responded by hitting a Tombstone of his own on The Undertaker.

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