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From in the morning, they sing worship songs and listen to their ministers.

Now and then, some in the audience leave their seats to buy snacks at any of the many food stalls within the center, or buy a calendar photo of the group’s revered leader or a CD compilation of his favorite love songs.

In the mid-’80s they tried television, but their limited financial resources forced them to stop, and they had to set up businesses to generate funds.

Small businesses Led by Soriano, they engaged in small businesses, from restaurants to auto supplies to raising livestock in Pampanga.

The program also inspired a spoof on another TV program, titled "Ang Dating Doon." They started out with IBC 13 in the late ‘80s, but religious politics forced them out—so they claimed—and they transferred to RJTV 29.Many of his followers are those who had questions about their former beliefs and had been searching for a "true" religion.His exposés critical of other organized religions has earned him both converts and detractors.A good speaker, Soriano quickly rose through the ranks of the congregation. People would approach us after he preached, asking us not to let him leave yet," says Renato Dimalanta, a close friend of Soriano’s since his teenage years.In his early years with the group, members went from barrio to barrio, preaching the word of God in the streets and in town plazas. Noticing the young man’s talent, Perez made Soriano his assistant preacher.

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