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In the final year of his life, he succeeded his still living father as ruler of Egypt and Sudan, due to the latter's ill health.

His rule also extended over the other dominions that his father had brought under Egyptian rule, namely Syria, Hejaz, Morea, Thasos, and Crete.

By the terms of the capitulation of October 1, 1828, Ibrahim evacuated the country.

When the Greek sailors mutinied from want of pay, Ibrahim was able to land at Modon on February 26, 1825.

But the difficulty of crossing the desert to the Saudis stronghold of Diriyah, some 400 miles east of Medina made the conquest a very arduous one.

Ibrahim displayed great energy and tenacity, sharing all the hardships of his army, and never allowing himself to be discouraged by failure.

In 1805, during his father's struggle to establish himself as ruler of Egypt, the adolescent Ibrahim, at 16, was sent as a hostage to the Ottoman captain Pasha (admiral).

However, Ibrahim was allowed to return to Egypt once his father was recognised as Wāli of Egypt by the Ottoman Sultan, and had defeated the British military expedition of Major General Alexander Mackenzie Fraser.

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