Are kim richards and martin still dating

This seems as likely as Jacko owning the Elephant Man's bones.

A controversial 1980 biography of the silver screen star claims that he not only met Hitler, but was also a closet bisexual.Celebrity rumors are a kind of mirror, reflecting which behaviors pop society deems unacceptable, which personalities are most deserving of scorn, and the tenuous balance between celebrity culture and media.To rank the 100 craziest rumors of all time, we considered the perfect balance of spectacle and plausibility.Albarn did play keyboards on some tracks on the album, but Frischmann wouldn't even let him use his real name because she knew such accusations would fly. Some say that the talk show host, who was getting in fights with neo-Nazis before it was cool, changed his name so that Latino viewers would be more fond of him. After tabloids printed that Jennifer Lopez took out a million policy on her famous backside, she had to go on late-night television to deny that rumor.However, after years of looking at it, many "appraisers" would probably give it a similar value.

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