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It’s hard to not be charmed by Kristen Stewart’s Los Feliz home, even harder to believe that it belongs to a movie star and not a college freshman.The basement den of her four-bedroom property, which hovers above Los Angeles — at once belonging to and separate from the hazy city below it — is a study in random: a stop sign on one wall, three metal letters — A, S and S — on another, a Batman action figure, a Winnie the Pooh-themed Pez dispenser, a Playboy pinball machine.It’s not that they make you stronger or calloused — but they do make you a human.”“I’m not the typical showman,” she adds, curling her feet up under her legs and reaching for another cigarette.“But at the same time, I want so badly to expose myself. It’s not that I want to hide who I am or hide anything I’m doing in my life.I now have faith in my body to carry on, and that has made me a better actor.”An increasingly compelling and nuanced performer, Stewart describes the process at different times as “harnessing a fluid,” “tapping into a magic world” and “finding a portal.” It is, for her, an “explorative, meditative, moving, beautiful, transcendent experience that brings us all closer.” Since the beginning, she has toggled between major studio movies and smart, acclaimed work with masterful directors.(These days, she’s favoring the latter: Woody Allen’s “Café Society,” Drake Doremus’s “Equals,” Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” and Kelly Reichardt’s “Certain Women.”) What’s new is her willingness to take on characters that might have previously overwhelmed her.Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, Soko, are more alike than you might think. back in March 2015, the French singer got refreshingly candid about her move to LA from Seattle and admitted that she once dated Kristen's ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, whom the Twilight star dated for years before breaking up with in 2013.When discussing what her move was like, she revealed, "It was the best thing ever!

“I do think that’s because of the storms I have weathered.

The room’s centerpiece, an imposing bookcase, is packed with fashion tomes, a few to do with Chanel, for whom she models; monographs featuring the work of Basquiat, Eggleston and Mapplethorpe; books about food, travel and the Beatles; and novels by Dostoyevsky, Hesse and Kafka.

A chunk of shelf is devoted to Jack Kerouac, whose character Marylou she played in a film version of “On the Road.”The more mainstream chapters of Stewart’s career are tucked into corners.

The year Stewart turned 22 should have been triumphant.

“Breaking Dawn” and “Snow White” both topped the box office, and Stewart became, according to Forbes, Hollywood’s highest-paid actress.

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