Are police uniforms intimidating

The police are seeking a balance between making the police appear approachable and legitimate to the public.The survey found a taser positioned on an officer's hip made them less approachable to the public.

It’s simply about outfitting law enforcement with gear that is functional and comfortable to their duties. In my current position, I have that look most of the time. I address officers in squad meetings and visit with politicians and community leaders and, yes, I wear the 17-oz, 100% wool pants, internal vest and creased uniform shirt—without the hat!In recent months he has been engaged on a high level with law enforcement forums, groups and his task force on 21 century policing.Several ideas, including efforts to take away certain military items from law enforcement agencies, have all been presented to the President.The men and women fighting crime may be less threatening to the public if they wore a certain shade of blue.Queensland police asked 1,000 people which hue of blue was more approachable to them when they saw officers on the street.

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However, a police uniform was regarded as having more legitimacy if it featured a dark-blue shirt with a firearm placed in a thigh holster and a taser on the hip.

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