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Moses married an Ethiopian (descendant of Ham), and Miriam and Aaron didn't approve.

The story is found in Numbers 12:1, and we don't find anything to say whether it was ok for him to have done so or not, only that he did it and some people didn't like it.

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White also encourages the mingling of myriad communities and ethnic groups so that members can expand their horizons and get to know a lot more about each other's ways of life, inclinations, and cultures.

He loves each and every one of them in a way that we cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend.

I would think that it would please God very much for two of His beloved creations to find happiness and joy in the company of one another, despite race, or anything else.

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In the Old Testament the Jews are forbidden from marriage with non-Jews. However that was on the basis of religious rather than racial purity, as it was clearly stated that the reason was to prevent the Jews from "following other Gods".

EDIT: I originally said that Bob Jones University continued its ban on inter-racial dating until 2005.

In fact it stopped in 2000, and apologized for it in 2005.

Even ultra-conservative Bob Jones university removed its prohibition on inter-racial dating in 2000.

This article gives more information on the history.

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