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While Indian museums are well known to specialists, Indian private collections and collectors are largely unknown to both the specialists and the larger audience.

Le dernier ouvrage de Pratapaditya Pal est une contribution importante à la connaissance de l’art indien.

Paul Walter, however, must have been an exception; as a collector he was so passionate, avaricious, curious, eclectic, impulsive, gregarious and generous that I always felt he must have been born under all the planets and shared bits of all the zodiacal signs.

He was a big man, with a big appetite and a big heart, like Mr. A lawyer recently told me that for institutional beneficiaries of my Estate I should write something about my life since often they like to know a little about the donor.

The iconographic programme on this doorway represents the earliest known example in this region.

Khorchag Monastery was founded in 996 by Khorre, ruler of the kingdom of Purang, who—together with his brother Yeshe-Ö—transformed the region into a Buddhist kingdom.

may indicate the historicity of the monasterial tradition of preserving aged tree trunks for carving divine images."…My initial encounter with Hollywood occurred on my first visit to Los Angeles in the summer of 1964: I must admit the tiled star-studded stretch of Hollywood Boulevard and the Grauman's Chinese Theatre (as it was then known), were not what I expected of Tinseltown.Les grands musées indiens sont assez bien connus par les spécialistes mais les collections privées indiennes et les collectionneurs restent relativement ignorés par les spécialistes et le grand public. The Mānadeva and Śaka eras, both of which were referred to in inscriptions made during the Licchavi period (C.200-879) in Nepal, have been a subject of scholarly debate for over a century.Seeing these fragile treasures endangered and still relatively undocumented, Thomas Laird developed new methods to capture three hundred of the greatest murals painted in Tibet during the past thousand years, at life size resolution: gigapixel images. his image is the same size, at a resolution of 300 dpi.Prior to the digital revolution images of murals in Tibet of this scale and resolution were impossible.

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