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There are a couple of resources I want to share with you, so that you and/or your partner can gain better understanding for each other's world.

First, I highly recommend joining Wrong Planet, the free online community started by a young college student, Alex Plank. There are multiple topic areas, including in depth discussions for adults with Aspergers, dating, and social skills, but one thread I particularly appreciate is what's called the AS-NT Open Hotline.

I am borrowing the ideas for this article from Solutions for Adults with Asperger Syndrome (2005), and specifically to psychologist Dr. Lovett's chapter on How Marriage is Affected by AS (Aspergers Syndrome).

Building Understanding Between AS and NT Worlds Here are some autism spectrum facts about individuals with Aspergers that it's important for NT partners to understand: Step 1: The diagnosis of AS must be made and accepted by the AS partner.

It is strikingly apparent to me that despite all of the best advice, there are not a whole lot of professionals who have figured out a really effective means of bridging the communication gap or they would be promoting that epiphany above all else.

I am an NT wife who nearly gave up, and I have found an incredibly unconventional means to rapidly shift the downward spiral my husband and I were going in that no professional has ever suggested.

Through sharing, we hope to lighten one another's burdens and find positive solutions to many of the troubling challenges that characterize our relationships and bridge the communication gap that exists in everyday them that they are the party making more accomodations.

was thinking the same thing as I read this article.

ASPIRES is an e-mail subscription list for individuals with AS, and those who have a parent, spouse, or child with AS.

We share our family and relational experiences, resources and survival tips as well as offer encouragement and hope.

In that thread, NT's and Aspie's can both post questions they have about different points of view from the AS side of things, and from the NT side of things.

Second, in doing some research for this article, I found a site called Aspires: Climbing the Mountain Together.

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