Asus android weather widget not updating

seems a little buggy, i'm on ICS , 4.0 I always found that the auto refresh location never got my city right on the weather widget (it was close though).

That being said, manual search always got things working right for me.

So I will use manual search to locate my current city.

I have all the latest version of the Android version for my phone, and have installed all security patches.So this is the problem that everytime I wake up the TP, I would like to get the latest weather info, but everytime I need to manual update so I know what is the current temp.I hope there is some update later when wake up from the sleep mode the weather will be automatic updated. For those who find it doesn't find the correct city, guess what?When I reboot my phone, it updates the widgets one time, and that's that. For example, I have the widget for Google Fit on my home screen, and it is still showing the status from a couple of days ago; when I rebooted my phone.I tried the Android N beta some time ago (I can't remember if the widgets updated then though). But I'm guessing the Android N beta has nothing to do with my problem? Are there some settings that I could have executed that froze my widgets?

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