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One of my favorite relationship and sex writers is NY Magazine columnist Maureen O’Connor.So I was excited to be on the podcast she hosts called “Sex Lives” where we discussed where to stand at a party to optimize chance encounters, the awkwardness of modern dating, and the weirdness of being naked.He just said “yes.” And the most touching thing, once the lesson was over and open dancing began, was that he wasn’t terribly light on his feet.But he didn’t quit or make self-conscious wisecracks.) with the awkward self-consciousness of so many 20- and 30-something men.

The Graceful Man is an incredibly unique individual. And the truth about dating, especially in the early stages, is that it fraught with opportunities for awkwardness, self-consciousness and nervous laughter. We’ve gone so far in the direction of embracing our slovenly humanness that we have no inhibitions about airing our shortcomings and imperfections for all to see. It means we don’t have to pretend to be someone we aren’t. In describing their friendship, this guy joked, “Yeah, Dave and I are pretty close. Can you imagine your dad, grandfather or any grown man you love and respect saying something like that in the very beginning of his attempts to impress a woman? Here, IMHO, is a simple prescription for making dating less awkward: Be gracious. If you foot the bill, don’t say, “You can get it next time.” Just savor the simple pleasure of knowing you treated someone. If your date is not the hold-the-door open type, they’ll let you know. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be wildly titillating.

The simplicity of it precluded all the worrying and waiting I usually do at the beginning of relationships: Will he text? How many times should I see him in the early weeks? It was exciting and romantic, but it was also…easy.

With the Graceful Man, I didn’t wonder about any of that. Two days later, he left a sunflower and a bottle of wine outside my door. And this man was 24 to my 29, proving that grace is independent of age.

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I once dated a man who was so quietly graceful that it took me years to even realize that that was the dominant feature of his character.

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