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* Slimbox Slideshow * IE6 PNG Transparency fix built in. Template-ALL PACKAGE INCLUDE: My Photo Joomla Template My Photo Demo Content My Frontpage Module V1.0 YJ Horizontal Login Module My Photo Source Files MY PHOTO FEATURES: 100% Tableless Design XHTML Valid CSS Valid 508 Valid 15 fully collapsible module positions Hidden Toolbar Pannel 15 Additional module styles Build in Slimbox see DEMO HERE PSD files included 15 Additional Headers Joomla 1.0.x compatible Joomla 1.5 compatible Mambo 4.5 compatible 3 menu option: default Joomla and Suckerfish dropdown Mootools Slick Menu 3 sexy color styles Light weight and fast loading Additional Typography styles Mootools Smooth Scroll Optional color styling Font resizing 3, 2, 1 column layout My Frontpage Module NEW!! Browser support: IE7 IE6 Firefox for Windows Firefox for MAC 1.5 Opera Safari Netscape Camino 1 DL: 9 premium joomla templates bonus!

* PNG and PSD source files included * XHTML and CSS valid Browser compatibility: We have tested this template extensively in IE6, IE7, FF 2.0 (mac and pc), Safari 3.0 (mac and pc), Opera, Camino. Looking for a professional and news magazine portal style for Joomla?

With PSD files and well commented CSS file, you could edit or add further modules with your own color palettes to suit your tastes. DL: new theme has been released at bonusthemes, the new cash Joomla! Cash is designed to offer full compatibility to Virtuemart!

It is table less, it includes 17 module positions and it is valid XHTML and CSS.

Quentito Yoco is a tableless design and 100% css based template and is designed with a clean and fresh color combination suitable for personal sites, hobby sites, and business sites, etc. Additional features: Fully collapsible module architecture Joomla! 1.0.x compatible 8 static module positions Adjustable settings from configuration files compatible smenu 2.0 Valid CSS and W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional 100% CSS and table less layout PNG fix ready for IE6 Very lightweight and really fast loading Clean, Simple and Stylish look Source Photoshop files included DL: Estate_v1.0_Sep07Carbon template DL: DOWNLOAD (register): All DGT Releases Collection from 2003-2006 (Huge Collection) 100jancms v1 01 released by [GTT] 12-all v 3 8 2 0 1 ABC Catalog v2 0 released by [GTT&WDYL] Abc CMS v1 0 Abc e Store v2 6 Abc e Store v3 0 ABC e Store v3 5 PHP NULL-GTT Abc Mailmanager v3 0 Acc Subscribe 1 4 null by Vorga1664 Active KB-PHP v1 5 Active KB 2005 v1 3 4 Ad master v2 3 5 null by Vorga1664 Ad Pass v6 2 1 nullified by GTT Affilate Network Pro Ajaxfly v1 0 Ako Forms Mambo Component All Hacks v B3 5 0(07 07 05) all scripts from 88scripts com nulled by GTT all scripts from cgiconnection com released by [GTT] All Scripts From Mega CGI com released by GTT a Member Pro v2 4 1 Amember v2 4 1 Pro Keygen ONLY PHP-DGT Animated Smiley Sign Generator Animated Smiley Signs Generator 2 Article Live NX v0 5 2 incl keygen Article Live PHP 2005 DEVEDIT Article Live PHP 2005 Article Live PHP v2005 01 Article Live NX v1 6 1 Article Publisher Pro v1 0 Article Publisher Pro v1 1 Ascripts Advanced PHP Topsites 1 0 nullified by GTT Automated Members Area Designer (AMAD) null by Vorga1664 Az DGDating Platinum 1 2 null by GTT Blog N Ping Blog Hoster 1 20 PHP NULL DGT incl docs Blog Hoster 2 0 incl Key Gen Blog Hoster Upgrade v2 00 to 2 01 Blog Hoster v1 12 incl update 1 20 and keygen Bloghoster v1 20 incl keygen keygen Blog Hoster v1 20 Blogsystem v1 4 Bos Classifieds v2 0 Bos Dates v4 5 Bos Dates Lite v2 0 Bos Directory v3 0 Bos FAQ v1 0 Bos Market v5 0 Bos News v5 0 bug OFF! item=JW_MP3_Player Flash Video Component Demo: by Bright Idea Demo: MP3 Player and Component Download The Slider, err, slides up to 9 module positions into the main viewing area without loading a new page ... v1 1 Cafe Scripts v3 0 Clicks Counter Pro v1 0 PHP NULL-GTT cms-master-1 0 CMS-Master v1 1 ALL MODULES CNStats v2 2 CNStats v2 4 Combo MAX v3 31 combomax v3 4 0 cpengine v1 3 cpengine v1 4 include modules Cube Cart v2 0 1 PHP NOT NULL-GTT D4M Instant Search Module v1 5 Dater Pro Dating Agent 3 5 nullified Vorga1664 DDLscript Directory Pro RIP DLGuard v2 Doswarepay com v1 95 78 released by [GTT&WDYL-WTN] Download Control v1 0 Download Manager Professional v1 0 PHP-NULL DGT DWMail v3 62 DWMail v3 63 DWodp Pro v2 0 E-Uploader Pro E-Uploader Pro _license Easy Search System v1 1 null by Vorga1664 e Card Max 2004 Full Version Echo Articles v1 0 RC1 EE Forum Module v1 2 1 Build 20060308 Elite TGP v2 0 CGI NULL-GTT Esselbach Storyteller CMS v1 8 1 evo Articles v 1 1 Evo Articles v2 0 2 evo Articles v2 1 2 evo Articles v2 1 3 Excel Explorer Pro v3 0 null by [GTT] Excel Explorer Pro v3 0 PHP NULL-GTT Excel Explorer v2 3 Pro Expression Engine v1 4 1 Build 20060508 Expression Engine 1 3 build 20050706 FIX Expression Engine 1 3 build 20050706 Expression Engine 1 4 Build 20051222 Expression Engine Forum Module Expression Engine Forum Module v1 1 Expression Engine Forum v1 3 build 60531 Expression Engine PB2 nullified by [GTT] Expression Engine Public beta1 Expression Engine v1 0 b 20040615 PHP NULL-GTT Expression Engine v1 1 b20040930 Expression Engine v1 1 build 20040816 PHP NULL-GTT Expression Engine v1 2 build 20041121 Expression Engine v1 21 b20050115 Expression Engine v1 3 1 Expression Engine v1 3 2 Expression Engine v1 4 2 build 20060521 Expression Engine v1 4 2 Expression Engine Forum Module v1 3 Extreme Search Corporate v3 2 CGI NULL-DGT ez Database v2 0 Ezy Pal v1 5 2c Ezy Pal v1 5 2d Faq Manager Pro v3 0 PHP NULL-GTT Faq Unlimited PHP NULL-GTT Fast Find v2005 0 1 Fast Find v2005 0 6 incl keygen Fast Find v2005 0 6 form XP Freeipods v3 3 4 GAB 1 0 Beta 2 Gama Software Gama Blog Beta1 null by [GTT] Gamasoftware RPG Creation System v1 5 null by [GTT] Gamasoftware Site Manager v1 0 null by [GTT] Game Cheats Red GARS 1 0c Geek Advertising Banner System RC3b (v B3 5) Geek Advertising Banner System RC3b (v B3 6) Geek Advertising Banner System v1 0 Geek Article and Review System (GARS) v1 01 Geek Article and Review System (GARS) v2 0 Gold Geek Article and Review System (GARS) v2 0 RC4d Geek Article and Review System v2 0 1 Geek Auto-Linker Pro 4 65b Geek Auto-Linker Pro 4 7b Geek Auto-Linker Pro 4 8 Geek Auto Linker v4 7 Geeker LITE Beta 1 Geek Mart Module Beta 4c Gif Merge2005 Package Deal Guardian v1 0 PHP FIXED NULL-DGT Hax0rs Revenge helooo txt Helpdesk v2 31 hit Appoint 1 0 4 hit Secure Files 1 0 4 hit Secure Files v1 0 5 Hivemail v1 3 1 PHP NULL-GTT Hivemail v1 31 PHP NULL-GTT Horse Race game Host Directory Pro Hot Links 1 1 nullified Vorga1664 Hot Property Mambo NULL-DGT Hot Property v0 95 3 incl all mods hotproperty v0 97 HTTP Proxy Finder I-Rater Platinum v3 2 1 I-rater Template Basicblue-DGT I-rater Template Chill-DGT I-rater Template Grunge-DGT I-rater Template Lovezone-DGT I-rater Template Other Templates-DGT I-rater Template Retrored-DGT I-rater Template Teenzone-DGT i Dev Ad Man v1 0 PHP NULL-GTT i Dev Affiliate v4 0 PHP NULL-GTT i Dev Ban X v2 0 PHP NULL-GTT i Joomla Magazine v1 1 2 i Joomla Magazine v2 0 Beta i Joomla Magazine V1 1 Image Management System v4 0 Pro Image Folio Pro v4 0 Image Vue v1 5 Beta Image Vue v1 6 Beta Image Vue v1 6 Final Imp Ex 1 115(b1 70) Imp Ex v1 74(b1 30) In-bulletin v1 1 6 In-link v3 1 7 In-newz v1 1 6 In-portal Platform 1 1 8 Indexsoft Access Manager v2 11 CGI NULL-DGT Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer v1 95 CGI NULL-DGT Indexsoft My SQL Backups Manager v2 31 CGI NULL-DGT Indexsoft XML Viewer v1 1 CGI NULL-DGT Inout Mailing List Manager v3 1 Inout Meta Search Engine v1 0 Intechnic In-Portal v1 09 incl ALL MODULES Invision Community Blog v1 2 0 Final Invision Community Blog v1 2 2 Final Invision Download Manager v1 0 0 Invision Download Manager v1 1 0 Final Invision Gallery v2 0 1 Invision Gallery v2 0 5 Invision Power Blog v1 2 3 Final Invision Power Blog v1 2 4 Final Invision Power Board v2 0 4 Security Update Invision Power Board v2 1 1 Invision Power Board v2 1 3 Invision Power Board v2 1 4 Invision Power Board v2 1 6 Invision Power Board v2 1 7 Invision Power Gallery v2 0 7 .......... so if your site is more like a brochure or a business card this is a perfect way to reduce visitor bounces by providing fast access to the nuts and bolts of your business. The slider template is a unique way to display a site that is low on content but needs a high impact.

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Very lightweight and really fast loading Clean, Simple and Stylish look Source Photoshop files included Compatible Browsers MS Internet Explorer v6 MS Windows Explorer v7 Firefox for Windows v2 Opera v9 Safari v2 Firefox for MAC v2 DL: Bonus team presents Live Estate, the new Joomla! This theme uses and is full compatible with smenu 2, an animated vertical sliding menu that can display many intros of content items.

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