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Use when a department needs to place an order with a local vendor who is not a UCT SAP vendor and will be used on a once off basis. Purchasers should use the New Vendor Request transaction within SAP to request a new vendor.

In addition, you may require an advance for related travel/accommodation expenses not covered by the S&T allowance.Please complete this request in Service Now: Add/Change Domain Administrator Use either when you have an existing site that is being replaced with a new site on the UCT Web CMS (Content Management System) or if you have a new site which you want to make live. Please complete this request in Service Now: Make Website Live When you wish to repost costs or revenue from one cost object to another.You CAN repost from a cost center to a RIO, or vice versa, as well as from one cost center to another, or one RIO to another.Used when a student needs to be loaded as a vendor on SAP to facilitate payment into their bank account; i.e.when the student will require a disbursements or payment that would not be deemed as a salary. Purchasers should use the New Vendor Request transaction within SAP to request a new vendor.

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See: Conflict of Interest The disclosures sought are required by the Higher Education Act, Council’s Policy, and Council’s Rules on Conflicts of Interest, and the application of those rules to members of Council, Council committees and staff.

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