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THE GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER CLUB OF OREGON RESCUE GROUP is comprised of volunteers who work to rescue GSP’s that have been lost, placed in shelters, or are in danger of euthanization.When possible we assist GSP owners who wish to avoid placing their GSP in a shelter.The matching hot webcam chick fetish videos stream and download nicely in Quick Time as they further serve to illustrate the relationships between the masters and slaves, but don’t delve deeper into these individuals’ lives beyond demonstrating their fondness for humiliating and being humiliated’a blog page does provide more personal and specific details though if you feel like’torturing yourself’through long paragraphs.Most of the scenarios, like a mistress tying her slave to a tree during a picnic; a master hanging his slave by her ankles from a forklift; and, another mistress using her slave as an ottoman to rest her sore doggies across while she reads a graphic novel, eventually come across as less shocking, titillating and compelling than similar material you’ll find in similar venues.The GSP Club tries to place rescue GSP’s through referral and arrange for veterinary and/or foster care when necessary.We would like to emphasize that we are not a dumping ground for unwanted pets or animals returned to breeders – breeders must be responsible for their own litters. We only foster GSP’s which may not fare well in animal shelters or are endangered, and which we believe have the potential to become a good family pet, and possible hunting companion.The ideal placement is with a family who will give the GSP attention.GSP’s are very devoted, often to the point of dependency. Responsible dog ownership requires no free running dogs, regardless of breed.

Funds cover feed, immunizations, medical care, fees paid to shelters and public service expenses.If the GSP does not work out, it must be returned to GSP Rescue.Our ideal involvement is referring people who call us to owners or shelters so that the relationship may be between the custodian and the adoptive home.DONATIONS: The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Oregon is an Oregon non-profit.We ask adoptive families to donate to GSP rescue as this is how we are able to continue our efforts, but there is no fee for our referral services.

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