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If you’re suffering from shame, you will be struggling with self-loathing, guilt, and feeling bad about yourself. If you aren’t ready to work through your guilty feelings, read Words of Comfort When Your Heart is Broken.

Not recognizing that your Yorkie, Doberman, or terrier was ill doesn’t mean that you weren’t paying attention or taking good care of him or her! Dogs can’t always communicate their physical health; pet owners can’t see inside their bodies and brains.

Guilt – when it’s resolved – can make you a better, wiser, kinder, more loving person.

Unresolved guilt and shame will lead to greater self-preoccupation, selfishness, and unhealthy relationships.

If your actions led to your pet’s death, you have to keep reminding yourself that you did not deliberately harm your dog.

It was an , and you would have done things differently if you had know what would happen.

Guilt is hating the decision you made, but accepting that you are human and you made a mistake or a poor choice.

And, remember the difference between guilt and shame.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone!

Read through the comments section below, and you’ll see that whatever part you played in your dog’s death was a tragic .

If you don’t learn how to deal with your guilty feelings and forgive yourself for not protecting your dog, your guilt will turn into shame. When you feel guilty, you feel bad about something you did.

Guilt can be empowering because it can motivate you to see others with compassion.

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Saying good-bye to your beloved dog is heartbreaking – and it’s even worse if you feel guilty about your dog’s death. I am sorry for your loss, and my heart is broken along with yours.

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