Benicio del toro dating history

The camera style, hand-held but not hand-holding, is very cool, distant, non-committal – Soderbergh is again his own cinematographer; and there’s little about Che’s personal life, little “human interest”.

Yet Benicio Del Toro’s Che is terrific: his heroic little smile and passionate reserve make this revolutionary’s charisma believable (and justify his Cannes award).

In more than four hours, we learn almost nothing about the inner Che.

There are few close-ups: he is invariably seen from a distance, part of a group.

"That story is fascinating," Soderbergh says drily.

"But, boy, we'd have to make a lot of money for it to happen.

Now, though, things are changing for Benicio Del Toro.

At 41, and not before time, he is poised to become one of America's most unconventional leading men.

But first he takes the lead in an epic about Che Guevara."More so than for me, I think." Acting in Spanish was another stress: Del Toro was born in Puerto Rico but has lived in the US since he was 13."I can walk into the room and leave the room in Spanish. The film, which is being released in two instalments, refuses to give Del Toro the star treatment.It took eight years to set up and just 79 days to shoot."It was a lot of responsibility and pressure for Benicio," says Soderbergh.

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