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These boards range from 20 buttons per page up through 80 buttons per page, allowing the child to have access to as many buttons as his motor skills will allow.I personally use the 42 Position option the most often and I love that there is a basic version and a more sophisticated version of the same 42-button layout.There are several different layouts that you can choose from and that it will recommend for you.However, if you choose one layout and decide you want to try a different one, it’s easy to switch.The cost to try AAC is much less with this app than any other, at least in the short term.The next awesome thing about this app is that there is a setup wizard which will ask you a series of questions and help you choose the best board for your child so you don’t have to try every pre-programmed board they have until you find one.You can start with very simple boards that were designed for young children with developmental delays or move up to a more sophisticated device.

This can be so helpful when trying to find out if something works for your child.If you’d like more information about How to Teach a Child to Use an AAC Device, Click Here!**Please note, the links to the communication apps in this post are affiliate links that will give me a small kickback from I-Tunes if you go through these links before purchasing.For those children, an alternative means of communication could be beneficial.Here’s a review of some of my favorite communication apps.

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