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Her IQ was very high so her friendships had huge gaps in them that was completely unsatisfying. Just as I was about to end the call, she came in wearing only a towel“Hey Meg, it’s me”She didn’t respond.I called out to her a few times but she obviously couldn’t hear me.We had become comfortable enough with each other by now that I had no problem with her idea. I was surprised to see her, I was expecting a nerd on the other side but she was really beautiful and she laughed when I told her.We had regular video chats after that, it got to a point where we chatted every day this way.We discussed quite a few different topics and then started getting more personal.After that, Meg57 and I would chat regularly, usually in the evenings, then she asked if we could video chat over Skype and she sent me her Skype name.As time went by, I learned that she was a cheerleader, dated the jock and had superficial friends like you see in the movies.She started chatting online to try build a real friendship with someone who couldn’t judge her for her looks and get to know the real her before they saw her. She had set her software to automatically answer when I call and when her video stream came up, she wasn’t in her room.

For about a minute we only watched each other and soft moans were being exchanged.“This is so much better than doing it alone” she confessed “I wanna see more, take off your clothes”With that, she stood up and got completely naked, raised her chair and sat down again.

My father converted the attic into a bedroom for me with its own entrance so I had a lot of space and freedom.

There was no way I could spend an entire day studying so I would take a 30 minute break every 2 or 3 hours, I was very dedicated and quite far ahead of schedule with my studies so I didn’t have too much pressure and the marks I had achieved so far were very good for the assignments I had already handed in.

Meg went quiet for a sec then said“I am so turned on right now, we need to end this conversation so I can get myself off. She rolled her chair back and put her hands in her pants and started rubbing her clit slowly with her eyes for the first few moments.

She then looked back at her screen and said“Still there I see. ”My heart started pounding, I had already decided I wanted to but actually doing it is entirely different.

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