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Scholars agree that the Didache is the predecessor of the Constitution of the Holy Apostles, and the content of that ancient first catechism is, in fact, included within the eight books of the Constitution.

There is no doubt, however, that the Constitution of the Holy Apostles is an extremely ancient document written by the Fathers of the Church.

The prejudice may have changed to acceptance as more Gentile converts embraced Christianity.

While it is true that the 25 of December is not mentioned in Scripture, there may be a connection to a Jewish feast day and other Jewish traditions that could identify the New Covenant feast day of the birth of the Christ or which could provide an explanation as to why the Church chose this date.

The Jews considered the celebration of one's birth a pagan custom.

In the first century AD, religious Jews distained the pagan Roman birthday celebrations, and Jewish-Christians may have also felt this prejudice associated with birth celebrations.

Modern scholars continue to debate the date when this early catechism of the Church was written.

John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus (as the ancients counted; as we count five months older): And I tell you this too: your cousin Elizabeth also, in her old age, has conceived a son, and she whom people called barren is now in her sixth month (Luke -37). John the Baptist's ministry and the information concerning the difference in months between John and Jesus' conceptions, it can be calculated that both St.

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The document tells the person's name, date of birth and where they were born.

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DATING THE BIRTH OF JESUS OF NAZARETH • Church History Documents • Documents Menu Dating the year of Christ's birth is as controversial as dating the day of His birth. Luke provides several historical references that are helpful in determining Jesus' birth year in Luke 1:5, 2:1-3 and 3:1-2. Luke records: In the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar's reign, when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judaea, Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip tetrarch of the territories of Ituraea and Trachonitis, Lysanias tetrarch of Abilene, and while the high-priesthood was held by Annas and Caiaphas, the word of God came to John the son of Zechariah, in the desert (Luke 3:1-2 NAB).

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John and Jesus' births were probably in year 3/2 BC.

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