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I have to tell you, I had no idea my wife harbored such kinky thoughts. My wife has always been ‘The Good Girl With The Smoking Hot Body.’ I guess her kinky sexual desires had finally caught up with her.

I think we all have them, some people act on them, but most people don’t.

That conversation prompted Vicki share some of her fantasies with me. Vicki, what other sexual fantasies should I know about? In Vicki’s next fantasy, she sees us going to a seedy bar or club.

While we sat at the kitchen table having breakfast, we talked about Gene, and what happened yesterday.After I said that, Vicki peeled off her thong and bent over the table.Her luscious pussy lips invited me in, plus, she knew just how to hang her tits in a way that drove me wild!In the summer months, Vicki loves to put a bikini on and work in the yard, tend to her garden, and get a tan.One day last summer while Vicki was in our back yard, I happened to look out the kitchen window.

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